Everyday We’re Working
To Become Better_

Little by little, we are able to provide even higher quality content to millions of users every day.


What Makes Kaufberaterio Media Special


A Passion for Information

Our editors have only one goal every day: to provide our visitors with professionally researched information on the Internet, no matter the topic.


Decentralized Company Philosophy

Every member of our team has the option to work anywhere. This gives us access to talent from around the world and helps us find the most suitable person for each job.


Data-Driven Publishing

We see ourselves as a “Publisher 3.0” since we make most of our decisions based on quantitative data. For this we use in-house developed software solutions.

Our Goals

  • Comprehensible Product Recommendations

    We have made it our business to keep our product recommendations simple and understandable. There is a lot of work involved in our tests and analyses—however, the reader should not feel this because of complicated text.

  • The Right Product for the Right Person

    The best toaster for a student is almost certainly a different product than the ideal toaster for a large family. On our website we feature products for every target group.

  • Save Time Buying Online

    We take the time to test and analyze so that our readers save time when shopping online.



Toaster No 552

The best toaster for people who don’t mind spending a little more money.

Our Values

As a decentralized company, we bring together different cultures, backgrounds and opinions from all over the world. But we remain united by 3 core values shared by all.



We want to be as transparent as possible, both in our dealing with one another and with regard to our product selection and content creation.



We work 100% independent of manufacturers and it is not possible to purchase product placement from us.



We do our best to make even complex issues as concise and comprehensible as possible.

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