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With about 2 million unique visitors per month, we are one of the largest networks for consumer advice in the German-speaking world.
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Kaufberaterio Media is a digital, globally acting and operating media company with employees from more than 15 countries and four continents.

We apply the idea of a dynamic, decentralized corporate culture that focuses on long-term, solid growth. We are driven by a passion to generate high-quality and entertaining web content, no matter the topic.

> 2,00M
Visitors per Month
With over 2 million unique visitors per month, our online media are among the most important consumer magazines of the German-speaking world.
We support a network of more than 46 different online media. In 2018, we were one of the fastest growing media networks in Europe.
> 10,00M
Consumers Advised
In 2018, we helped over 10 million consumers find online information and the right product.

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